Léo Gervet

Audit and redesign of a complex prototype : Way2Be

Evolution & Perspective, specializing in consulting and support professions, commissioned an agency to create an intermediation platform in the form of a mobile application. Dissatisfied with the results, I had to audit the prototype and redesign the UX/UI. There are three different flows for two user types (Coach & Learner).


Original Design Lacked Onboarding Consideration

The original design was not created with onboarding in mind. The prototype lacked organization and documentation, making it challenging and time-consuming to understand the original designer’s thought process.

Complex Project

The two user types are distinct personas, each with unique problems, motivations, and frustrations. Additionally, due to the absence of comprehensive functional specifications, the transition between different flows is unclear for some features.

Non-Maintainable Design

My mandate involves redesigning only the UX, which necessitates working with another designer’s UI. Unfortunately, the existing UI lacks component-based design and auto-layout, making even minor edits a cumbersome process. This requires manually inspecting and modifying each element across more than 80 screens, turning even simple changes into a nightmare.