Léo Gervet

UX/UI Redesign : In Arte Veritas Gallery’s website

The redesigned website serves as the digital showcase for In Arte Veritas, an art gallery located in Angers, France, with plans for expansion to other cities through future acquisitions. To fulfill this role effectively, the website must be powerful, responsive, versatile, and boast a user-friendly administration interface.


Design constraints & tight timeline

The client has specific design requirements for their agency website. As an art gallery, it is imperative that images are never cropped. The design must strike a creative balance while maintaining a corporate, elegant, and minimalist aesthetic to engage the target audience. Due to a limited timeline, the client initially requested the use of an existing template, which ultimately proved to be a significant time investment, as the template did not align with their needs.

Interdependent Pages

To ensure ease of administration for the client, we created six custom post types that relied on one another. This complex interdependency posed challenges in creating a logical user flow.

Two different conversion objective

To align with strategic goals, the website was designed to achieve two primary conversion objectives. The first objective is to encourage prospects to contact the gallery regarding a specific artwork on display. The second objective is to prompt less qualified prospects to contact the gallery for various reasons.