Léo Gervet

Redesign & WordPress integration : Garage 404

Garage404, a technology and development training center, embarked on a rapid journey of growth and success shortly after its creation. It rapidly became evident that their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) website required a transformation. It no longer reflected their brand identity, capabilities, or the value they offered to their audiences.


Information Architecture

My main goal was to streamline the information architecture for easy navigation, making it effortless for users to find courses and relevant resources. Adding to the complexity, the client operates for three different personae : adults seeking for a professional certifying formation (18+), parents seeking numeric activities for their young children (6-9 years old) and parents seeking numeric activities for their teenager children (11-16 years old).

Rapid Deployment and User-Friendly Maintenance

The project had a tight timeline, requiring the website to be launched within a few weeks for a presentation to potential investors.

I also had to answer the need for the website to be easily manageable by individuals without technical expertise, ensuring efficient updates and maintenance by the ever-growing Garage404 team.