Léo Gervet

transforming ideas into digital products since 2019.

I enjoy working on products from start to finish, from the ideation phase to development.

As a graduate designer, I have gained skills in UX/UI Design and product design through workshops, specialized blogs and podcasts.

I apply this knowledge to projects in my free time or at work as Design System Manager & UX/UI Designer at a business management software publisher.

Chat with me about...

🎒 Backpack travel

I backpacked through Eastern Europe for 50 days with my partner. We discovered that there’s nothing quite like breaking free from routine and exploring the world than not knowing where we’ll be and where we’ll sleep the next day.

🎮 Game & level design

What’s more exciting than creating interactive and engaging experiences within video games ? Shaping immersive worlds and narratives, allowing players to explore, challenge themselves, and experience unique adventures is lit !

🍜 Foreign food

Some people have an extra stomach for dessert, but I definitely have one for Xiaolongbao and General Tso’s chicken.

🔍 OSINT investigation

Did you know you could assist in finding missing persons, solving cold cases, and uncovering illicit activities of large corporations by collecting and analyzing information from publicly available sources ? OSINT techniques are a blast to discover and learn !